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Monday, January 23, 2017

Pickleball Forum

I wouldn't need Facebook if there were somewhere to talk about pickleball...

A fellow player recently told me about a new Facebook group where pickleball topics are discussed. The group has an obvious name - Pickleball Forum. It is a public group meaning that anyone can read it. But only members can start new topics or comment on existing topics. Anyone can join.

The forum is cool because it is a totally random hit list of relevant topics - balls, rules, relationships, experiences, ratings, etc. What is particularly cool is that participants include some of the top players in the game as well as everyday rubes like yours truly. It gives a different perspective from different areas of the country (and internationally, too). We see that a lot of issues we have locally are universal in nature and we see how others have handled them.

The forum is very active with several new topics per day and many comments per topic. Some of that is probably due to it being so new. The USAPA apparently had a forum in the past that was discontinued. An outside replacement was developed but it failed to generate much interest. This Facebook platform is growing rapidly. I joined on January 6 when it had less than 700 members. As I write this on January 16, there are over 2,100 members.

If you are a pickleball fanatic or want to see if any issue you have experienced is addressed, check it out. Become a member so you can add to the discussions. But be aware that your wall will be filled with pickleball discussions. Enter the world of the Pickleball Forum only if you dare.


  1. Lots of pet peeves, especially with the indoor class of picklers. I clearly understand the need to have fun at any cost. That's fine but do they realize that over the top noise can be 'intrusive' to others. It's when it gets to the point that you can't hear yourself say the score, that's mind boggling. Clearly and simply put its uncouth, discourteous and plain ignorant to continue the behavor. To me that's not sporty or savvy.
    One of the other things is the simple inability to pass the errant ball to the other person on the other court properly. Not just bat it away in some unknown direction, just making them have to chase the ball the other way.
    Come on!

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  2. Hey Paul this is a great write up. As I’ve been integrating into this “Pickleball life” I’ve been trying to find more serious conversations about Pickleball to better my game. I joined the Facebook page and it’s been a lot of unrelated talk on there since you’ve posted this. I mean there was a person talking about knitting or something!? What!? I’m not sure Facebook meant for a community to be setup like that. It’s great to have a lot of members but what about real Pickeball talk? Like techniques or specific equipment talk sections... like they have on either way. Thanks for taking the time to write that up.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Tom.

      The Forum has become a bit messy as it has grown to about 14,000 members. I still read it every day for the occasional nugget, though.

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  5. Awesome, is the group still active and is it private of public group?

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  6. Gaurav, thanks for your question! I believe I'll take a stab at it. Yes, it is a public forum and you can join it and be a freewheeling active member. Something you're going to enjoy for the most part. It was set up by Aspen Kern who also happens to be an accomplished Pro level player among other things Pickleball.

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  8. Thanks for your blog and sharing this group, Paul!
    When I first told my friends about my new hobby they haven't believed me, so I had to google pickleball for them, hah. And now they're playing along with me.
    For those who haven't tried pickleball, I think you would be surprised with how fun it is. The best part of it is that you can join with any skill level. I've seen youngsters playing on our local court along with some seniors, w/o any problems. All you need it some basic paddle (any of these for instance, as for mine it was bought at the nearest Costco, it's all wood and not really great) and a partner. That's all. So once again, thanks for sharing this, as I believe more people should try this sport.

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