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Saturday, April 16, 2016

How to be a Complete Pickleball Player

Pickleball is a game where reaching the desired level of success requires some physical skill, knowledge of the game, patience, and discipline. I have touched on aspects of these elements all through this blog. Occasionally, I find something on-line that puts the thoughts together in a single piece. Coach Mo has an article that fits the bill.  

by Coach Mo
  1. Place all shots low to opponents feet.
  2. Keep the ball down the middle 80% of the time.
  3. Placement is more important than power.
  4. Patience – Work the point.
  5. Proper Court Position – Cover high % spots on the court.
  6. Efficient Footwork – When to split step, side step and cross step.
  7. Shot Selection: Use only high % shots, less angle shots.
  8. Leeway: Allow enough room for error for all shots.
  9. Play the Wind: Keep it on your mind at all times.
  10. Learn Good Technique
  11. Reduce your unforced errors.
  12. Learn how to recognize your opponents out balls, when they make contact with the ball.
  13. Make a mental book on your opponents.
  14. Develop good shot anticipation – learn to read shoulder, feet and paddle face of your opponent.
  15. Value Practice – The game should become an extension of practice.

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