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Sunday, April 10, 2016

2016 USAPA Atlantic South Regional Tournament - Results (Updated)

The USAPA Atlantic South Regional Tournament was played in Mobile, AL this weekend.

Several local players participated with the following results:

Deb Richter and JoAnnah Michael in the 4.0 Womens Doubles (50+)
- Lost to Vicki Enos and Pat Hartje 11-1,10-12,11-7
- Defeated Jean Vasicek and Julie Jean-Scott 15-10
- Lost to Trish Snyder and Laura Patterson 15-13

JoAnnah Michael and Les Massengale in the 4.0 Mixed Doubles (50+)
- Defeated Dianne Pendergrass and Mike Pendergrass 11-7, 11-1
- Lost to Kellie OToole and Steve Boswell 11-3, 11-6
- Defeated Chris Allen and Trish Snyder 15-4
- Defeated Cheryl Martin and Butch Martin 15-3
- Defeated Vicki Enos and Don Rohrer 15-10
- Defeated Kellie OToole and Steve Boswell 15-12
- Lost to Lori Vancza and Niles Newton 11-4, 11-0

JoAnnah and Les win the bronze medal! Congratulations! 

Chris Allen and Trish Snyder in the 4.0 Mixed Doubles (50+)
- Lost to Vicki Enos and Don Rohrer 11-9,14-12
- Lost to JoAnnah Michael and Les Massengale 15-4

Deb Richter and Rick Colling in the 4.0 Mixed Doubles (60+)
- Defeated Linda Bruder and Elliot Kornreich 11-9, 11-0
- Defeated Irene Romagosa and Robert Romagosa 11-5, 11-4
- Lost to Connie Reker and Tony Girodo 11-6,9-11,12-10
- Defeated Nancy Spencer and Clifford Grabowski 11-6,11-4
- Defeated Connie Reker and Tony Girodo 11-9,13-15,11-5,15-6

Deb and Rick win the gold medal! Congratulations! 

Chris Allen and Rodney Allman in the 4.0 Mens Doubles (19+, 35+, Round Robin)
- Defeated Barry Taylor and Matthew Davis 21-4
- Defeated Daniel Rowland and David Hamm 21-14
- Lost to Joe Gilmore and Matt Parvin 21-14
- Defeated Brian Acuna-Ryan Goodwin 21-13

Chris and Rodney win the gold medal in the 35+ bracket! Congratulations! 

Well done all!

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