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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Brevard Rec Center Summer Camp Schedule

John Jessen recently sent an email about the summer schedule in Brevard as it is impacted by the camp activity in the gym. John's note is shown below.

Good day picklers,

I had a talk with Jared at the Rec Center today to discuss the camp schedule for this summer. We will be giving up some court time because of these camps. There may be times that we can play during these camps, but it be on a week to week notice.
The camps that only meet for a half day; June 20-24(9 til 12), July 25-29(8;30 til 12;30) and Aug 8-12(9 til 12). During these weeks the gym will be available for play in the afternoon from 12;30 to 3. However, you must let them know you want to play at these times so they can seal the times for you.

During the weeks when the camps are from 9-4 there will be no play. Here again it may be possible the gym could be available if the camps go on a day trip somewhere. He said he would let me know in advance if this would be possible.

Because we have to share the gym with other venues, we have no choice but to live with this schedule.This is just the way it is and if anything changes,  I will let you know when I know.

Those of you wanting to go up to Connestee to play need to let Camille know which day is best for you. The two days that had the most picks were Tues and Wens. (

 If you want to go to H"ville to play at the Rec Center there, I believe they play 3 or 4 days a week in the AM.

Summer schedule as of now: June 20/24 from 9/12.....June 27/July 1 from 9/4
                                               July 11/15 from 9/4...July 25/29 from 8;30/12;30
                                               Aug. 8/12 from 9/12

Please make a note of these dates.....Thanks..........Coach John

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