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Friday, April 8, 2016

Free Pickleball Magazine

I received this email on Thursday:

Hello Pickleball Friends,

In a continued effort to build our subscription base at Pickleball Magazine, I would like to send a FREE link to view our second issue of the magazine to as many "picklers" as possible. 

If you have any friends that you would like me to periodically send the magazine link to, please send me their email addresses and I will add them to my list. Send 1 or send 1,000 – I'm trying to build a database!



Wayne Dollard / Publisher

I interpret this as a way for non-USAPA members to get a free electronic version of the bi-monthly magazine on an occasional basis. While I would prefer that everyone support the USAPA with a membership, I will offer this to anyone who chooses to give me their email address. Please do so by sending it to ASAP.

Pickleball Magazine is a new endeavor dedicated to our favorite sport. I previously wrote about it in my post Pickleball Magazine. The current issue's cover is below.

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