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Monday, April 18, 2016

2016 Low Country Pickleball Classic - Results

The Low Country Pickleball Classic was played near Hilton Head on Friday-Sunday with several local players participating. 

The results are shown below.

Karen Wolfe and Sherry Jackson in the 3.5 Womens Doubles (65+)
- Lost to Tina Boston and Sandra Miley 11-9
- Lost to Jean Haupt and Joan Allaben 11-10
- Lost to Carol Short and Mary Claire Horner 11-5

- Lost to Hilda Anglin and Sharon MacKenzie 11-10
- Defeated Ruth Brenner and Barb Pearson 11-6

Melinda Splain and Suz Flynt in the 4.0/4.5 Womens Doubles (All Ages)

- Defeated Judy Michel and Judy Bastian 11-8
- Lost to Kristen Meyer and Cathryn Noble 11-2
- Defeated Sandra Stewart and Sarah Yates 11-10
- Defeated Teresa Shull and Debby Rea 11-3
- Lost to Joanne Hessey and Dona Bowland 11-10
- Defeated Carla Ingram and Sharon Davis 11-4

Paul Aaron and Rich Ferragina in the 3.5 Mens Doubles (60+)
- Defeated Patrick Evans and Paul Brown 15-9
- Defeated Eliot Butter and Gary Charles 15-14
- Defeated Avie Ownby and Gregg Pike 15-8
- Lost to Mike Arlington and Jim Burkholder 15-13
- Defeated Rick Berry and Brad Miness 15-5

Paul and Rich win the silver medal.  Congratulations!

Rick Ezrol and Dennis Luedke in the 4.0 Mens Doubles (All Ages)
- Lost to Ken Kiurski and Jerry Clark 21-16
- Lost to Lou Poindexter and Bob Rozek 21-14
- Lost to Tom Stanley and Bob Yankes 21-12

Paul Aaron and Trudy Chaille in the 3.5 Mixed Doubles (60+)
- Defeated Candice Bolton and Gregg Pike 15-13
- Lost to Laurie Lee and Patrick Evans 15-10
- Defeated Joyce Addams and Greg Richards 15-9
- Defeated Jill Fitzgerald and Richard Heyman 15-11
- Defeated Kathy Kappes and Bruce McConnell 15-13 in semi-finals
- Defeated Laurie Lee and Patrick Evans 15-6 in finals

Trudy and Paul win the gold medal.  Congratulations!

Karen Wolfe and Jackson in the 3.5 Mixed Doubles (65+)
- Defeated Sue Howell and David Graham 15-0
- Defeated Hilda Anglin and Rick Berry 15-12
- Defeated Sherry Jackson and Peter Phelps 15-13
- Defeated Shirley Swedloff and Jim Emery 15-10
- Lost to Cathy Bestall and Russ Adams 15-9 in semifinals
- Lost to Carol Short and Buckeye Grueser 19-17 in consolation

Melinda Splain and Rick Ezrol in the 4.0 Mixed Doubles (35+, 50+)
- Defeated Judy Smith and Lou Poindexter 15-8
- Lost to Joyce Bridwell and Jeffrey Thomas 15-3
- Lost to Debby Rea and Dan Sturzenbecker 15-8
- Lost to Denise Johnson and Wade Johnson 15-10
- Lost to Nancy Spencer and Clifford Grabowski 15-6
- Defeated Sarah Mitten and Ed Frederickson 15-14

Suz Flynt and Bob Yankes in the 4.0 Mixed Doubles (65+)
- Lost to Judy Bastian and Jerry Clark 15-6
- Lost to Joanne Hessey and Tom Stanley 15-14
- Defeated Sharon MacKenzie and Ken Kiurski 15-10
- Lost to Mary Gilroy and Dennis Zelesky 15-11

Well done all!

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