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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Two-Ball Dink Drill

Make practice fun...

The next video from the Jordan Briones Primetime video series is focused on two key parts of the game - dinking and hand-eye coordination. The video is called "2 Ball" Dink Control Drill | Pickleball

The drill starts with just as you would expect in a dink drill - a player positioned at the NVZ line on each side of the net. Both players simultaneously starts the drill by hitting a dink to their two balls are active at the same time. The objective is to keep the two-ball rally going as long as possible by hitting simple dinks back to your partner. 

The key to this drill is to change your focus immediately after hitting your dink. You need to immediately find and track your partner's dink. The drill can be done straight across as the video shows or cross-court. An additional benefit is that dinking a single ball will be much easier.

One thing I would like to point out is the height of the dinks over the net. These dinks are similar in height to those shown by Dave Weinbach in last week's video. The above image doesn't show the height well, so watch the video closely.

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