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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Taking Time from Opponents

Getting the fundamentals right...

Dave Weinbach returns in this week's Jordan Briones Primetime video, with another tip about play at the NVZ line. The video is titled Pickleball Impact Zone with Dave Weinbach | How To Take Time Away From Your Opponents.

Dave first describes what he calls the "impact zone". This is the area in front of his body where he wants to hit the ball.

But the point of this tip is to take time from your opponents. Dave does that by taking any balls that he can in the air. Allowing the ball to bounce also allows more time for your opponent to recover and prepare. Over the length of a game, keeping the pressure on will result in more opponent errors.

Despite using less time, hitting the ball at a low point, and having an objective of reducing the opponent's time, Dave still takes the net out of play with a lot of clearance while hitting an unaatackable dink. 

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