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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Respect the Net

Getting the fundamentals right...

Dave Weinbach is back again in this week's Jordan Briones Primetime video, except this time it is about the dink. The video is titled How To Hit Unattackable Dinks with Dave Weinbach | Pickleball.

Dave's sole tip to successful dinking - at least in this video - is to hit the ball higher over the net than than you think you need to. Dave has a big rule - respect the net! That means do not ever hit the ball into the net.

He states that many players are taught to keep the ball low over the net, as low as one or two balls over the net.

By contrast, Dave hits his dinks about a foot over the net.

This allows him much more room for error, but he still hits unattackable dinks. He does so by hitting the ball so softly that it loses forward momentum quickly and drops well short of the NVZ line.

Dave a simple measure to determine the success of a dink. A successful dink is unattackable. An unsuccessful dink is attackable.

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