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Thursday, May 17, 2018


Go hard or go home...

While all of D.J. Howard's tips are targeted toward improvement, today's is very specific. It talks about improvement through practice and three key elements of effective practice.

DJ's weekly pickleball tip:

Want to improve? Remember the acronym F.I.T.

Frequency is the number of times per week (or day) spent practicing. The more frequently you get out to practice, the better. You will improve more quickly. A weekend warrior doesn't improve his golf game much. A gal at the driving range six days a week gets better more quickly.

Intensity is the effort and focus you put in to practice. Higher intensity yields better results than moderate or low intensity. Put in more effort and stay focused and you'll get better more quickly.

Time is simply the amount of hours and minutes spent practicing. A concert level pianist has spent thousands of hours perfecting her craft. Any professional in any endeavor has invested heavy amounts of time to get great at what they do. Wanna get better at pickleball? Spend some more quality practice time on the courts.

Now, when all three of these are used in COMBINATION, you have a real recipe for success! If you can get several high intensity practices in per week and lots of time thinking about and playing (practicing) pickleball, you'll improve even faster.

Remember the acronym F.I.T. and get better faster!

Til next time, keep reppin' (more frequently, at higher intensity, and for longer lengths of time) 

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