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Thursday, April 26, 2018

When to Use a Timeout (Part 2)

When you can't play the momentum, stop the play...

DJ Howard has written a couple of tips about the use of timeouts. I have chosen to skip his first tip and go straight to his second because it fits neatly with the "focus" post from yesterday...and tomorrow. I won't forget his first tip, though. We will come back to it soon.

DJ's weekly tip:

This is the second installment of when it's a good idea to use a timeout. Use a timeout when your opponent has gained momentum and/or confidence.

If your opponent starts out a game rattling off four straight points, you may want to just use one of your two timeouts early in order to stop the bleeding. You don't want them to gain too much confidence and a timeout can stall their momentum. If your opponent has won six straight points, don't worry about saving your timeouts for later! Spend one now and try to stop the momentum!

I have seen it occur too many times in which one team gets on a roll and scores several points in a row and the other team does nothing to try and break the streak. Why not slow things down by taking a timeout and discussing with your partner how to get back on track? It only makes sense.

Whether you're ahead or behind, if your opponent tallies more than a few points in a row, please just take a timeout to slow their roll. Otherwise the game may be over before you know it and you'll wonder what just happened. After the game is over, you'll regret not taking a timeout when you had the chance. That's not a good feeling. You all know I certainly don't want anyone to feel badly for not doing what they could when they had a chance. Cuz y'all know I care . 

Til next time, keep reppin'!

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