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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Offensive Volley Lob

Getting the fundamentals right...

A few weeks ago, the Jordan Briones Primetime series featured the offensive lob off the dink. This week, the series continues with his video Volley Lob Accuracy | Pickleball in which he uses the same same drill to practice the lob off a volley.

For the same reasons as the dink lob, the volley lob is an effective shot. It surprises the opponent and forces him to retreat away from the NVZ line. If anything, the shot is even more effective as the surprise factor is higher. First, the ball is hit before it bounces, giving the opponent less time to react. Second, it is a difficult shot that is not used as frequently as the dink lob.

Again, the set up of the court includes a mark-up 4' from the baseline.

The drill requires 2 players - one feeder and one driller, both positioned at the NVZ line on opposite sides of the net. The feeder raises their paddle over their head to set a target over which the driller practices the lob. The feeder uses their other hand to "toss" a ball to the driller in order to practice the volley lob.

A more advanced drill is to play a dink rally and the driller waits for the right ball to hit. This is similar to the drill described in Disguise Your Lob where patience is a virtue.

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