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Monday, April 23, 2018

Keys to NVZ Lobbing

Its OK to be offensive...

Many player think of the lob as a defensive shot. For them, it is used when in trouble or when needing time to regain position. While those are appropriate, the lob can also be used as an effective offensive weapon. We have discussed this shot in the past, most recently last week's post with Jordan Briones. Tomorrow's Briones' post will also be on the topic. Today's post is an excerpt from Sarah Ansboury's article 3 Keys to a Great Pickleball Lob.

Pickleball Lob Key #1:  Pick the Right time

When you are at the non-volley zone line, you want to look for times when hitting a lob will be most effective.  Typically, this is when your opponent is crouching down.  You are looking for your opponent to be hunched over, head down or their paddle below their waist.  All these are signals that this is a good time to lob.  Take the ball in front of you, keep your body steady and extend from your shoulder.

Pickleball Lob Key #2:  Like Every Other Shot

A lob is no different than any other pickleball shot…you need to maintain your balance and a good athletic position.  Often players lift their entire body from low to high as they lob.  This will cause the ball to go out and the player to fall back on their heels.  Keep your body and your head steady…watch the ball with your eyes, not your head.  Move your arm from your shoulder, but keep your body fairly steady. Expect the next ball to be coming your way and be prepared.

Pickleball Lob Key #3:  Stay Engaged

The biggest mistake many players make when lobbing is disengaging after they strike the ball.  Instead of getting set, and in the ideal position, they fixate on the ball and how their opponent is reacting.  Often I see the player actually drift back as well.

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