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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Offbeat Sunday - Caption This - The Shirt

An image is only enhanced by a caption...

Time to go to the Pickleball Forum again for Offbeat Sunday material. Another photo to caption.

  • Oh. Hope nobody heard that. Probably shouldn’t have had those beans last night.
  • The other side of my paddle says ‘This is my Pickleball paddle’....just so everyone is clear...
  • I thought it was going to bounce as high as a tennis ball.
  • Next time, I won’t be afraid to “stick my neck out” to make a winning return!
  • Oops! Had my sights too high and missed the ball.
  • Ooh little ball, this smash is going to hurt you!
  • This game was much easier before they added the ball!
  • When you have your favorite shirt on and miss the ball look
  • Oh you want me to hit that little yellow ball?
  • I think I made this paddle too small.
  • Oooh, eyes on the ball!
  • I think my head band is too tight
  • As long as the paddle is straight, I know the kitchen line is straight too.
  • Got myself in a “pickle” on this shot.
  • Ninja warrior with a magic wand.
  • I should have waited until I got off the court to go to the bathroom.
  • Ooops! I didn’t realize the net was the other way!
  • My last day to play in a 25 mph wind!!
  • Strike one.
  • Watch me kill this one!
  • Ok. So. My shirt is better than my game.
  • This is my pickleball face
  • Oh crap, wicked spin.
  • Oh, man...T Rex arms.
  • That really hurt.
  • Oooh, gas pain!

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