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Monday, February 12, 2018

2018 Asheville Area Tournament Sponsor Sheets

It takes real planning to organize this kind of chaos...

It has been a while since I talked about the Land of the Sky tournament we are planning for the Asheville/Hendersonville area in July.  That does not mean that work has not been happening. We have been working with graphics experts on promotional materials among other things. We recently finalized the packages we will leave after discussing sponsorship opportunities with local businesses. Below is the entire package for the hospitality industry - hotels, restaurants, retail, wineries, breweries, etc.

Before I show the package, I would ask for your help. If you know of any business that would benefit from association with this major pickleball event, please let me know.

We also prepared a sponsorship package for the medical industry - hospitals, orthopedists, etc. The package is identical except for the second page, which is shown below.

Wish us luck. Better yet, help us with tips!

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