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Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Make practice fun...

Jordan Briones Primetime video series returns to its fun drilling with the video Pickleball Dingles Game | Dink Consistency with Simone Jardim. As the title suggests, Simone Jardim is the guest "instructor" who teaches the drill. 

There are 2 versions of Dingles. In the first version, 4 players are in their normal positions at the NVZ line. Using 2 balls, each crosscourt partner hits dinks within the NVZ and in the imaginary crosscourt half of the NVZ.

Dinking continues until a player makes a mistake by hitting the ball into the net or out of the NVZ. At that point, any player who sees the fault can yell "dingles" and the play changes. The other ball remain live and players can use the entire court to play out a rally. Points are awarded to the team who wins that rally as well as the team who did not make the initial error in the dinking drill. As in regular pickleball, the first team to 11 wins the game.

In version 2, all 4 players start at the baseline with 2 servers on the same side and 2 receivers on the other side. 

Again, 2 balls are used and each server begins by serving to the crosscourt receiver. 

Each receiver hits a crosscourt return to the server.

The receivers move to the NVZ after their return of serve.

The servers then must hit a crosscourt third-shot drop...

...and follow it in to the NVZ.

The game is then played out just like version with players dinking crosscourt.

It looks fun in the video.

1 comment:

  1. Are there any player rotations between points? If so, how does the rotation happen?