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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fundamental Positioning at the NVZ Line

Getting the fundamentals right...

The Jordan Briones Primetime video series continues with fundamental advice. Today's post uses his video Pickleball | How To Dominate The Net to discuss positioning and footwork at the Non-Volley Zone line.

The discussion is focused on techniques after all players are established at the NVZ. There are 2 main concepts to remember. Each is discussed below.

1. Establish yourself right at the line. Not a foot back. Not even 6 inches away. Right at the line.

There are 2 big disadvantages to being back from the NVZ line.

As you drop back from the line, you give your opponents more space to attack. They can more easily hit to your feet. They also can create more angled shots forcing you to move wider.

Also, dropping back from the line causes you to have move forward much more to get short balls.

If dropping back creates disadvantages, then moving forward creates 2 big advantages.

When positioned at the line, opponents' shots that are slightly long can be attacked. These would drop lower when positioned farther back.

In addition, this ability to attack keeps constant pressure on opponents. They know where you are and they recognize that their margin for error shrinks when you are at the line. Error-free play is made more difficult when under pressure.

2. Once established at the line, do not give ground. Hold your position. There may be shots which require you move at least 1 foot back. Be sure to move back to the line. Do not get established after moving back.

Jordan does a great job of explaining these concepts in his video.

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