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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Revised Rulebook for 2018

Rules were made to be broken, no, what???

The USAPA is scheduled to announce today the availability of the 2018 USAPA\IFP Official Tournament Rulebook. From the USAPA:

"This revised rulebook has been 2 years in the making and is a result of countless hours of volunteer time from the USAPA Rules Committee and careful review by the USAPA Board of Directors. In this finished product, we feel that significant strides have been made including:

Clarification of many rules through better wording.

Addition of an index.

More pictures/diagrams.

Reorganization of many chapters for better overall flow.

Another document being released in conjunction with the rulebook is the Major Rulebook Revisions Document, designed to guide people through the various significant changes. It is not intended to cover every wording change or minor adjustment."

We will cover some of the rule changes over the next few weeks. Some major revisions are included regarding the serve, player and referee interaction, medical timeouts, portable net systems, among other items.

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