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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Lateral Shuffle Exercise

Its called muscle memory...

Yesterday's post included a lot of lateral movement. It was not only extensive but it required quick foot movement. The motion may not be natural to all players and practicing proper technique can help. Besides, even someone as fit as Marcin Rozpedski seemed to get a little out of breath. A little exercise can't hurt, right?

Basic Lateral Shuffle Technique

Stand with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart and point your toes forward. Get into an athletic position: Bend your hips and knees, sit your butt back, lower your body into a squat and keep your knees over your ankles. To help with balance, bend and hold your arms in front of your body. From this position, take a sideways step with your left leg and then take a step to the left with your right leg to return to the original stance. Keep your back straight, chest up and your eyes looking straight ahead throughout the exercise. Quicken your steps as you get used to the movement. Repeat for 10 steps in one direction and then reverse the direction. If you have cones, set them 10 feet apart and shuffle back and forth between the cones.

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