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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

East Naples Winter Classic

The wind is the same for everyone...

Yesterday's post was about the facilities at the US Open site in Naples, Florida. I mentioned that there was a tournament taking place during my visit - the East Naples Winter Classic. I will cover it in any detail but will show photos of NC players and friends. Most of these are from men's doubles play. I was not available for the entire tournament so some players were missed.

Paul Coletta, bronze medal winner, and Inga Carr, referee

Bill King

Marcus Luke, bronze medal winner

Larry Appleby

Russell Elefterion

Kyle Yates and Frank Anthony Davis, gold medal winners
Another of Kyle and FAD

As an aside, I have it on good authority that Kyle is planning to play in the Land of the Sky tournament in Hendersonville, NC in July - although nothing is official yet.

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