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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Drill to Create Space

One, two, hit...

Today's post brings another Jordan Briones Primetime video where he works with Marcin Rozpedski on a volley drill. The video is called Pickleball Volley Drill | Creating Space on your Volleys with Marcin Rozpedski. The drill consists of 2 players hitting volleys directly to each other. But the receiving moves side to side to rotate the volley from forehand to backhand. The partner does not vary the location of his volley - it always be directly at the player.

There are 2 points of emphasis in this drill. First, foot movement is critical. Marcin focuses on sliding and not not hopping. His feet move quickly with foot opposite the direction he wants to move sliding to to the foot on the side of desired direction. Then the second foot quickly moves his body in that direction. 

Second, the volley must be controlled. Again, the target is directly at your partner. In order for the drill to be effective, the player should move around the ball and not to the ball. The combination of the points of emphasis is "one, two, hit".

The objective of the drill is to create space between your body and the ball so that a full volley motion can be completed. Allowing the ball to come into your body restricts your motion and makes the volley less effective.

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