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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Using Time-outs

Hope is not an option...

Sarah Ansboury mentioned using a time-out to adjust your strategy when things are falling apart. I never gave a thought to using time-outs for anything but a rest. Then I noticed that time-outs seemed to break the momentum of the other team. Now I use them more liberally. The Pickleball Channel video How Timeouts Can Help You Win discusses these reasons and more.

The video covers the following topics, of which I will discuss the last two.

Break your opponents momentum

I will not add much to the brief mention in the opening paragraph. The video mentions that top pros share my observation about how a time-out works to help win the next point or the rally. That's good enough for me.

Regroup and strategize

This is the usage that Sarah discussed in yesterday's post. Use the time-out to have a discussion with your partner about your game or something specific about your opponents. In particular, focus on what has changed to cause the game to change or what is different from your expectations entering the game.

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