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Monday, November 27, 2017

Nationals Dink Lesson from Ben Johns

Knowledge - a secret to success...

Some of the pros gave lessons while at the recent USAPA National Championships in Arizona. Ben Johns gave a lesson in dinking and provides some great tips. Brian Ashworth was also in the video but the sound of his statements is so low that I could not pick up much of his advice.

The major points of emphasis in the video are:
  1. Keep your center of gravity low so your body is an athletic position.
  2. Stay near the NVZ line in order to keep the pressure on your opponent.
  3. The dink is simply and "up and over" shot with little forward momentum.
  4. Attempts to hit low balls hard will either be in the net or hit out. (Another advantage to a low and athletic position is the ability to dodge the shot.
  5. Use the crosscourt shot because the low point of the net is in the middle and there is more room for error.
  6. Do not go crosscourt when you use a crossover step to get to the ball. Instead, go down the line while recognizing the net is higher.
  7. Hit the ball on a short-hop rather than move away from the line. Play the ball rather than allowing the ball to play you.
There really is nothing new in that advice but it is good to hear it from a national champion.

Note: This video was posted of Facebook by Ernie Medina, Jr.

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