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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

No Man's Land Drill

Make drills fun...

This post continues the Jordan Briones series of drills. As with his other videos, he makes this drill a game. This makes what otherwise can be a task into a fun exercise, meaning we all are more likely to do it. 

The fourth video, Pickleball Drill | No Man's Land Drill, covers drop shots from no man's land - that area between the baseline and the NVZ line. No one likes to play from no man's land because it is easy for the opponent to hit balls down to your feet. But everyone must play in this area as they transition from the baseline to the net. Therefore, it is important to learn to hit effective shots from this area. Jordan's drill helps the learning process along.

First, what is no man's land? Jordan describes it as follows.

To set up the drill, one player (the feeder) starts at the NVZ line and the other player (the driller) starts in no man's land across the net but in the same half of the court. This drilling game will use only 1/2 of the court for boundaries. 

The feeder hits a ball to the driller whose sole objective is to hit a drop shot into the kitchen. The feeder returns balls to the feet of the driller or smashes a winner when given the opportunity. A point is won when a ball is hit out of bounds or into the net. When any player gets 5 points, the roles are reversed for the next game.

The video is shown below.

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