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Thursday, March 30, 2017

When to Hit the Defensive Lob

When you run out of time...

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Following up on the discussions of the offensive lob, let's turn to the defensive lob. We will start with an article from Sarah Ansboury.

Last week we talked about running down a lob safely. Today, we focus on what’s next. What do you do with the pickleball lob return…How do you communicate to your partner…Where you might or might not want to aim.

Pickleball Lobs and Communication

I always say the easiest way to be a doubles player is to be a better doubles partner. Of course, communication is critical to being a good partner. When I am playing with a new partner for the first time, I will try to discuss a number of items with my partner. For example, we will discuss:
  • Who should take balls down the middle; or
  • The fact that I prefer my partner to move forward as I hit a third shot drop; or
  • If one of us is more mobile than the other…who will be responsible for running down a lob.
My preference is to play the forehand (i.e. the left side) court. As such, I am often the person responsible for running down most pickleball lobs. I also will often tell my partner to stay in place, and sometimes will even tell them to “duck”. For me, it is important for the lob retriever to be the primary communicator. What he or she says, goes. I don’t believe there are any absolute rights or wrongs when it comes to whether you should switch. Much of this is just personal preference.

Again, communication is the most important thing. Talking about whether we should stay or switch; and what kind of shot we will hit when in these positions. The more you talk about specific situations you might come across the more comfortable you will feel when something similar happens.

What Shot Should I Hit?

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