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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Don't Partner with this Guy or Gal Again

If I only knew then what I know now...

I love the Pickleball Forum - for much more than the fact it provides material for my Sunday fun posts. Here is another example.

David Letterman's TOP 10 reasons you probably shouldn't partner with that person again. 

1. Still receiving death threats in the mail. 
2. You are now known as "the weaker of the 2 chokers".
  • You paid $70 and only hit a ball in warm-ups.
  • His very first shot was a lob from the baseline.
  • Doctor said you'll need to keep the stitches in your forehead for at least a week.
  • He says "dinking is for sissies"
  • They're a 4.5 in another universe and play 3.0 in yours!
  • When he asked you to partner, he said "do you really think you're that good?" 
  • Your male partner text's you the night before and asks if you want to wear matching outfits.
  • They were your ride home and left you 8 hours before you were finished with other events.
  • Any ball they can't reach, they call it out.
  • No refs are willing to take your games because of your partner’s attitude.
  • Your partner falls on the floor with disgust when you miss an important shot!
  • You get a lesson telling you what you did wrong and what you should have done after a bad shot and just another excuse when they do.
  • They text you 5 minutes before start of play and say "wait, that tournament is THIS weekend?"
  • They put the ball up for the opponents to blast at you and blame you for not getting it back.
  • Clothes seem to be optional at tournaments for them.
  • Your partner thought mixed meant mixed race and kept talking to the ref in Navajo.
  • They say "I don't take advice from anyone. My game is all good."
  • They spend more time on the Pickleball Forum than the Pickleball Court
  • At registration he thought 5.0 meant age fifty.
  • They keep talking about getting their paddle restrung!
  • You ask them if they have a soft game and they respond with, "soft game, what's that?"
  • They complain about the sun being in their eyes and the wind is blowing too hard and You are playing indoors.
  • They unfriended me during a timeout
  • They have two bodies in the trunk of their car sitting in the parking lot!
  • They think timeouts are a waste of time.
  • They still play tennis.
  • The last time you saw or spoke to that person was...the last tournament.

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