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Saturday, March 25, 2017

NVZ Myths Debunked

Separating the myth from the truth...

The past couple of weeks have been focused on play at the Non-Volley Zone line. Emphasis on this area is important because this is where games are won. In addition, beginners are not comfortable at the line so we have focused on drills to improve that comfort level. We will return to NVZ play next week but the RV Picklers had a timely article about myths that will help players understand what they can and cannot do at the NVZ line.

A reader recently asked us a question regarding his club’s “local” pickleball rule. It was related to the non-volley zone. As we travel around the country, we encounter many players that have been told lots of things about the non-volley zone. Some are true…others no more than local lore. Today, we debunk three common non-volley zone myths.

NVZ Myth #1:  “Must Bounce First”

We were recently playing in Palm Springs when I overheard a disagreement on a neighboring court. Two relatively new players were introducing two friends to the game of pickleball. That’s great! However, during the course of play, a fault was assessed when a player entered the non-volley zone before the ball bounced.  Wrong!

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