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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Aspen's Advice: Plateauing

Everything can look like a failure in the middle...

Aspen Kern is the creator of the Pickleball Forum and often adds his thoughts on pickleball topics. Aspen is a top player in the game and knows what he is talking about. Since I wrote of a recent setback in my game, this recent topic was particularly relevant.

Aspen's Advice

As a Junior tennis player, I would become frustrated when I didn't see improvement in my game, My coach explained to me that as a player we go through peaks and valleys, but think of it as each time you hit the ball you are putting a penny into a piggy bank. You may not see it filling up but one day it will be full. His advice has helped keep me motivated when I start to think I have hit a plateau. There will be times that you have what appears to be setbacks, but from experience I can tell you the things that set you back are also the things that make you a stronger player. Many improvements in my game have been the result of little inconveniences, a minor injury that forces you to play slightly different, a court at dusk without lights will make you focus on the ball closer, even something as petty as forgetting your sunglasses at home can make you re-realize the power of a lob hit into the sun. Don't get discouraged when things don't seem to be going your way, there is indeed a Pickleball silver lining.

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