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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Planning a Tournament

It takes real planning to organize this kind of chaos...

Some friends and I have started the process of creating a new tournament for 2018. Our goal is to make it a first-class event in order to set the standard for an annual tournament. The task is daunting and looks even more so as gain further insight. I plan to document the process as much as practical. Today, we'll start with a time from the USAPA. These are the highlights. There is much detail underlying each step.

Accomplish by This Date

10 Months                                               Secure Venues

9 Months                                                 Registration dates

9 Months                                                 Budget

6 Months                                                  Awards – design and cost

6 Months                                                  Player Tournament Gifts

9 Months                                                  Event Schedule

6 Months                                                  Planning Meeting

2 Months prior to opening registration      Flyers & Advertising

1 month prior to opening registration        Vendors

6 Months                                                   Organize Volunteers

2 Months                                                   Program

1 Week                                                      Seeding - Committee

2 Days                                                       Test all equipment and print test bracket
                                                                  Verify all referees

1 Day                                                        Open courts for practice
                                                                  Prepare documents


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