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Monday, October 23, 2017

2017 Connestee Falls Scholarship Pickleball Tournament Results

You earn medals at practice. You just pick them up at tournaments...

The medal winners from the Connestee Falls Scholarship Pickleball Tournament were recently announced. Photos are from the Mountain Picklers website.

Men’s 3.0
Harry Jarrett and John Ridenhour GOLD
Jim Paulbeck and Dennis Devan SILVER
Michael Allen and Sam Savoca BRONZE

Women’s 3.0
Wanda Barrett and Dianne Hankins GOLD
Katheryn Bargeron and Sue Wayman SILVER
Marilyn Barnett and Cathy Hailstone BRONZE

Mixed 3.0
Desna and Harry Jarrett GOLD
Stefanie Roemer and Michael Tate SILVER
Kelly Smith and Jerry Meyer BRONZE

Men’s 3.5
Denis Romeo and Larry Appleby GOLD
Ron Huston and Lex Stapleton SILVER
Bobby Denton and Chris Williamson BRONZE

Women’s 3.5
Tricia Phillips and Yanhong Sun GOLD
Lucia Delchamps and Melissa Ownby SILVER
Melody Lutz and Betsy Donner BRONZE

Mixed 3.5
Denis Romeo and Susan Swayze GOLD
Winston Kobe and Larry Appleby SILVER
Dene Owen and Rapheal Mendel BRONZE

Men’s 4.0
Cengiz Kurkeu and Kent McKinney GOLD
Bill King and Xiaoqian Sun SILVER
Steve Johnson and Mike Kaplan BRONZE

Women’s 4.0+
Valerie Marott and Marie Tewkesbury GOLD
Wendy Evans and Nicki Dunn SILVER
Lora Mason and Karen Wolf BRONZE

Mixed 4.0+
Valerie Marott and Andrew Erwin GOLD
Yanhong and Xiaoqian Sunn SILVER
Marie Tewkesbury and Todd Metcalfe BRONZE

Men’s 4.5 +
John Moore and Doug Findlay GOLD
Rick Ezrol and Scott Siewert SILVER
Doug Balne and Paul Coletta BRONZE

Congratulations to all the medalists!

...and a special thanks to Deb, Cheryl, and the rest of the volunteers for a great tournament. A total of $11,000 was raised for the scholarship fund.

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