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Monday, August 28, 2017

The Key to Shot Direction

Body language gives away tendencies...

Last week's series was about watching your opponent to get clues from his body and paddle language to determine where his shot was going. Some of the suggestions included watching the direction of the lead shoulder, watching the toes, or watching the paddle face. Today's post will be a short one to show some of the myths of shot-making in order to set a base from which to grow our discussion.

The topic today is the element of the shot-making that determines direction - the angle of the paddle face. I will use a Mark Renneson video called Controlling the direction of groundstrokes in Pickleball to illustrate that concept.

This is Mark's first video (from 2014) and was one of the first I watched when I was learning the game. I admit that I had no clue of the point of this video back then. As a beginner, I was learning to align my feet, point my shoulder, and follow through in the direction I wanted the ball to go. How was a video showing all of that to be irrelevant supposed to help me?

The importance lies in the progression that beginners make - moving to intermediate and then to advanced. That progression changes the way players think about hitting shots as well as changes their ability to execute different techniques. Understanding the concept of paddle face angles is key to using deception in shot-making. So watch the video and keep Mark's ideas in mind as we move through the week.

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