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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Offbeat Sunday - Caption This

An image is only enhanced by a caption...

Time to go to the Pickleball Forum again for Offbeat Sunday material. This one is about captioning a photograph.

Caption This!

  • I came.  I saw.  I pickled.
  • Yes, I think I can play just one more game before I go
  • Did anyone get the license number of the pickeball that hit me?
  • I've fallen, and I can't get up... unless it's for pickleball!
  • Stick a pickle in me... I'm done!
  • They said I could stay in the kitchen as long as I didn't volley.
  • That's the Last time I play Chuck Norris in singles
  • I guess singles IS harder!
  • So now we have to play one to 15?
  • I own this kitchen
  • Good Get!
  • I told you Pickleball is not for you, MOM!
  • Practicing my around the bedpost shot.
  • Retirement isn't for the weak.
  • Rules this a fault????
  • We all have had that zoning out when all the play goes to your partner.
  • Call a timeout my ass, someone call a 911.
  • I know I dream about pickleball , but this is getting a little extreme.
  • My partners said they would be here 30 minutes ago.
  • Looks like she's got a dinking problem.
  • Is this what you mean by stacking?
  • I've been waiting all day for more pickleballers.
  • The stark reality of Pickleball addiction.
  • That's the last time I use Coach Mo's stop drop and roll shot.
  • What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen.
  • If they think I am not paying attention, I can jump in and poach that next shot!
  • 96-95-two. What do you say we call it a draw?
  • Did I win the point?
  • I was just trying to condition my Pure 2 balls before the game.
  • It was Professor Plum on the Pickleball court with a forehand smash.
  • Please someone call my Pickleball sponsor - I've fallen off the wagon!!
  • This is why friends don't let friends dink!
  • I just love this game... when is lesson two?
  • I left it all out on the court today......
  • Four Dura Balls $12. New paddle $85. Winning your first tournament and collapsing in the kitchen...priceless

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