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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Lake Lure Olympiad Pickleball Tournament Results

You earn medals at practice. You just pick them up at tournaments...

The Luke Lure tournament was completed last week and lots of local players were participants. The results are shown below. Photos are from Facebook.

Men’s Doubles 3.0
Gold: Anthony Butera and Joseph Clarke
Silver: Kevin McCarthy and John Middlethon
Bronze: Andrew Dills and Jeremy Simpson

Men’s Doubles 3.5 Pool A
Gold: Chad Lavender and Mark Clary
Silver: Steve Boyd and Billy Hurin
Bronze: David Baker and Patrick Warncke

Men’s Doubles 3.5 Pool A
Gold: Chuck Hartz and Larry Appleby
Silver: Rich Williams and Anil Karn
Bronze: Raphael Mendel and Michael Tate

Men’s Doubles 4.0
Gold: Andrew Butler and Chuck Waddell
Silver: Todd Headley and Denis Romeo
Bronze: Michael Wiltsek and Don Fleming

Women’s Doubles 3.0
Gold: Deana Deang and Debbie Dawson
Silver: John Hachmann and Gerri Hachmann
Bronze: Janet Coulthart and Janet Fountain

Women’s Doubles 3.5 Pool A
Gold: Joanna Nache and Mona Blevins
Silver: Marie Tewkesbury and Lucia Delchamps
Bronze: Leesa Walker and Marlene Geers

Women’s Doubles 3.5 Pool B
Gold: Bev Dowdy and Melanie Newsome
Silver: Susan Swayze and Anne Booth
Bronze: Tina Boston and Sandra Miley

Women’s Doubles 4.0
Gold: Jaynie Tank and Wendy Evans
Silver: Miriam Figueroa and Yira Pia Sanchez-Brugal
Bronze: Beth Corn and Suzanne Pell

Mixed Doubles 3.0
Gold: Deb Romaine and Randy Bagamary
Silver: Gerri Hachmann and John Hachmann
Bronze: Cathy Leestma and Dieter Zappel

Mixed Doubles 3.0 Pool B
Gold: June Melton and Ron Nelson Jr.
Silver: Megan Skalsky and Bob Hooley
Bronze: Janet Coulthart and Nick Rutherford

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Pool A
Gold: Lucia Delchamps and Anil Karn
Silver: Taylor Izokovic and Wesley Upton
Bronze: Michele Puchala and David Baker

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Pool B
Gold: Anne Booth and Ken Weitzen
Silver: Phyllis Wagoner and Greg Dunn
Bronze: Bev Dowdy and Miles Ianacone

Mixed Doubles 4.0
Gold: Jaynie Tank and Todd Headley
Silver: Shelly Upton and Chad Lavender
Bronze: Wendy Evans and Kent McKinney

Well Done All!

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