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Monday, April 24, 2017

You Make the Call

When is a foot not a foot...

One of the toughest calls to make is when a player makes a volley after being in the non-volley zone. The play may be fast and furious with players only 14 feet apart (or less). Things happen so rapidly that it can be hard to tell whether the player had re-established his feet outside the NVZ. Then there is the question of what it means to re-establish position on the court. The following video presents such a scenario. What do you think the right call is?

First, let's be clear on the applicable rule.

Now, let's go to the video to see if the rule's requirements are met.

My judgment is that the foot is contacting the playing surface and there is no part of the foot in the NVZ. I would rule the player made a good volley. What do you think?

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