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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Player Communication Rules - RV Picklers

Know the rules well...

The RV Picklers do a great job of explaining the rules when readers send them unusual questions. Today's article talks about partner communication rules with regard to a couple of specific situations.

We continue to receive questions from readers about pickleball rules. Recently, we received two questions related to partner communication and when the ball is out.

One reader asked:
My partner called “out” after it hit the ground. I agreed, but was in mid-swing and hit the ball anyway. Our opponent said that since I hit the ball it was considered in. Is it?
Another reader wrote:
The opponents hit a ball to us, and my partner calls it “OUT” (after the bounce). I disagree, call the ball “IN” and return it. What is the status of the ball? In the game, the opponents did not hear my IN call and did not play the ball. How is this resolved? This was social play and there wasn’t a referee.
Partner Communication

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