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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Crosswalk Alumni Last Hurrah

Halloween day was set aside from the normal play at Xcel for a small fun tournament among local players who were regular members at the former iteration of Crosswalk. Rick and Dee Ezrol managed the tournament consisting of 27 players broken into 3 divisions - Ghosts, Pumpkins, and Ghosts. Divisional play was a round-robin with players assigned a new partner each game. Winners of the 3 divisions were determined by total game wins. A grand champion was determined by a short 3-player game of cutthroat.

Photos from the action follow:

The 3 division winners - David Kelly, Mike Wiltsek, and Jim Wilkie - faced off to determine the grand champion.

The grand champion was Jim Wilkie, in his pickleball version of the Heisman Trophy pose. Congratulations to Jim and the other finalists.

Thanks to Rick and Dee for coordinating the event. Special thanks go out to Suzanne Pell, who had the lonely task of keeping the scoring.

After the games, the real action was held at Sierra Nevada.

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