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Monday, November 28, 2016

2016 North Carolina Holiday Smash Results

The North Carolina Holiday Smash was held recently at Carolina Courts in Concord, NC. Several players from the North Carolina mountain area participated and their results are shown below.

Scott Siewert of Xcel and Hal Neff of Asheville in the Men's Doubles 4.0

- Lost to Jon Post and Rick Allred 11-4
- Defeated Jonn Hendrickson and Donn Hendrickson 11-7
- Lost to Mike Vaccaro and Horace Whitaker 11-3
- Defeated Bob Nibarger and Terry Glenister 11-5
- Lost to Dennis Brennan and Chris Allen 11-9
- Lost to Peter Guss and Richard Holloman 11-2
- Lost to Rodney Allman and Mark Rankin 11-2

Chris Allen of Xcel amd Dennis Brennan in the Men's Doubles 4.0

- Defeated Bob Nibarger and Terry Glenister 11-2
- Lost to Jon Post and Rick Allred 11-0
- Defeated Peter Guss and Richard Holloman 11-7
- Lost to Rodney Allman and Mark Rankin 11-5
- Defeated Scott Siewert and Hal Neff 11-9
- Defeated Jonn Hendrickson and Donn Hendrickson 11-2
- Defeated Mike Vaccaro and Horace Whitaker 11-7

Chris and Dennis
Photo from Bob Nibarger

Chris and Dennis win the bronze medal! Congratulations!

Rick Ezrol of Xcel and Ed Bailey in the Men's Doubles 4.5

- Lost to John Bullins and John Stevens 15-5
- Defeated Doug Smith and David Beaver 15-9
- Lost to Peter Popovich and Tom Luddy 15-11
- Lost to Scott Austin and Steve Boswell 15-1

Bruce Birdsall and David Kelly, both of Xcel, in the Men's Doubles 5.0

- Defeated Ryan Manchester and Jesse Simon 11-5
- Lost to Marcus Luke and Nate Guy 11-6
- Lost to Tommy Boyette and Frank Anthony Davis 11-3
- Lost to Quin Meyer and Jon Ludwig 11-1
- Lost to Keith Ferger and Jacob Noble 11-7
- Defeated Greg Thompson and John Moore 11-8
- Lost to Josh Booth and Jordan Goetzman 11-10

Bruce Birdsall of Xcel and Brittany Hammond of Asheville in the Mixed Doubles 5.0

- Lost to Mary Atkins and John Bullins 11-1
- Defeated Tony Quick and Joyce Noland 11-6
- Defeated Michele Boswell and Keith Ferger 11-4
- Lost to Lloyd Ford and Marcus Luke 11-4
- Lost to Stephanie Lane and Jeff Carlson 11-4
- Lost to Deb Harrison and Frank Anthony Davis 11-10
- Defeated Chastity Hill and Greg Thompson 11-0 (forfeit)

Teri Siewert of Crosswalk and Donna McCurley in in the Women's Doubles 3.0

- Lost to Nancy McCoy and Joanne Ridenhour 15-5
- Lost to Debbie Dawson and Pam Hodgin 15-13
- Lost to Jan Davis and Debbie Winchester 15-3
- Lost to Lori Gaskins and Kathi Ray 15-11

Jen Kemp and Suzie Flynt, both of Xcel, in the Women's Doubles 4.0

- Defeated Kristen Meyer and Trish Snyder 11-4
- Defeated Fig Figueroa and L Darlene DeFlorio 11-0
- Lost to Joanne Hessey and Teresa Shull 11-2
- Defeated Priscilla Chambers and Becky Hendrickson 11-7
- Defeated Kelly Gent and Chantelle Manchester 11-10
- Defeated Carol Harpster and Renee Bailey 11-2
- Defeated Virginia Popovich and Laura Patterson 11-1
- Defeated Cheryl Barnes and Pat McInnis 11-4

Suzie and Jen
Photo from Bob Nibarger

Jen and Suzie win the gold medal! Congratulations!

Brittany Hammond of Asheville and Mary Atkins in the Women's Doubles 4.5, 5.0

- Defeated Sandra Stewart and June Lohner 15-10
- Defeated Jen Ludwig and Michele Boswell 15-2
- Lost to Jenny Butler and Deb Harrison 15-8
- Lost to Lloyd Ford and Stephanie Lane 15-9
- Defeated Becky Jilcott and Chris Stanko 15-14

Mary and Brittany
Photo from Bob Nibarger

Brittany and Mary win the silver medal! Congratulations!

Well Done All!!

Some photos from Yira Pia Sanchez-Brugal.

Dee and Rick Ezrol and Bruce Birdsall (front)
David Kelly (Rear)

Jen Kemp and Suzie Flynt

Teri and Scott Siewert

Photos from Bob Nibarger:

Teri Siewert (right)

David Kelly

Yira Pia Sanchez-Brugal

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