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Friday, November 25, 2016

2016 Piggleball Tournament Results

The inaugural Piggleball Tournament was recently held in Lexington, NC. A couple of players from the North Carolina mountains were participants.

Rick Ezrol of Xcel and Ed Bailey in the Men's Doubles 50+ Open Skill

- Defeated C Bell and M Sanford 11-1
- Lost to H Whitaker and J Hendrickson 11-4
- Defeated D Post and B Williams 11-0
- Defeated P Popovich and T Luddy 11-4
- Defeated G Dunn and J Smith 11-0

Rick and Ed win the silver medal! Congratulations!

Dee Ezrol of Xcel and Trish Snyder in the Women's Doubles 50+ Open Skill

- Defeated J Merill and M Figueroa 11-4
- Lost to J Davis and K Gent 11-3
- Defeated R Bailey and V Popovich 11-1
- Lost to S Stewart and J Lohner 11-2
- Lost to D Bowland and P Wagoner 11-7
- Lost to B Hendrickson and P Chambers 11-9
- Lost to C Fullerton and MH Atkins 11-6

Dee and Trish win the bronze medal! Congratulations!

Rick Ezrol and Dee Ezrol, both of Xcel in the Mixed Doubles 50+ Open Skill

- Lost to H Whitaker and P Chambers 11-2
- Lost to J Hendrickson and B Hendrickson 11-7
- Lost to P Popovich and V Popovich 11-8
- Defeated C Bell and J Merill 11-3
- Defeated Ed Bailey and R Bailey 11-10
- Lost to D Post and S Boyette 11-6
- Defeated J Smith and P Wagoner 11-4

Well done, Ezrols!

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