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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Referee Clinic

Several months ago I mentioned that a referee clinic was to be held at Carolina Courts in October (We Need Referees - an Opportunity). About 30 of us attended that event on October 12. The clinic covered the classroom requirement for the referee certification program of the USAPA. It covered issues like referee positioning, scorecard management, difficult situations, etc. The clinic was set up by Bob Nibarger, USAPA Communications Chair and resident of the Charlotte area. It was run by Laura Patterson, a USAPA ambassador from Winston-Salem. Some photos from the event are below.

Laura Patterson

Laura Patterson

The class

Laura Patterson and Bob Nibarger
The previous post talked about the reasons why such clinics are important but let me highlight it again. Referees are in high demand and that demand will only grow as tournament counts increase and more choose to become sanctioned. In short, the sport needs referees.

Thanks to Laura and Bob for their time and effort.

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