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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Offbeat Sunday: Pickleball is for Lovers

From Amazon:

Pickleball Is For Lovers: The World's First Pickleball Themed Romantic Story (Unconventional Affairs) 

Pickleball Is For Lovers – The World's First Pickleball Themed Romance Story. It's true! It's here! Another story in the Unconventional Affairs series. In this love story, beautiful, single mom, Natalie, got tricked into going to a pickleball party, of all things, with the gang from work. It was there that she met Rick, the country club tennis pro. He turned her world upside down not only romantically, but also athletically. Who would have thought the two of them would become an incredibly hot couple and a pickleball phenomenon. Plus, Monica had to face her fears in the guise of her old middle school gym coach. There's lot's of steamy romance and fast paced pickleball action in Pickleball Is For Lovers. 

Here's an excerpt: 

Her competitive juices were at a boiling point. After she got so upset about having to play pickleball in the first place, she wanted that stupid little bowling trophy from Ardmore, Oklahoma as much as she ever wanted anything, and it was right there, right in front of her, within reach. All she and Gabe had to do was get one more point. It was her serve. 

It wasn't a rocket blast, but it was straight and dropped in nicely in front of Mark cross court on the other side. He returned it back to Gabe who returned right back to Mark. Mark and Marie moved to the kitchen line first. Monica followed Gabe's return to the line and set up directly across from Marie.

They exchanged a glance that said everything that needed to be said about the situation. This was a big deal! They both knew the consequences. For Marie, a victory meant that she still dominated her sister athletically, same as always. For Monica, it meant she had a new bragging right, and an important one. She beat Marie at a sport! 

And another:

This excerpt cannot be shown here due to its graphic nature. You will have to visit Amazon to read it.

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