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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2016 High Point Pickleball Tournament Results

The High Point Pickleball Tournament was played at Deep River Recreation Center this past weekend. Several local players participated and their results are shown below. Be aware that there is no official results site that I can find. The following results were pieced together from Facebook posts. I apologize if they are inaccurate or if some results are omitted.

Dee Ezrol of Xcel and Dennis Brennen in the Mixed Doubles 4.0 50+
Did not medal.

Rick Ezrol and Deb Richter, both of Xcel, in the Mixed Doubles 4.5 50+

Rick and Deb win the bronze medal. Congratulations!

Paul Aaron of Xcel and Lucia Delchamps of Brevard in the Mixed Doubles 3.5 50+

Paul and Lucia win the bronze medal. Congratulations!

Rick Ezrol of Xcel and Ed Bailey in the Men's Doubles 4.5 50+
Results unknown

Paul Aaron of Xcel and Sandro Francioni of Cummings Cove in the Men's Doubles 3.5 50+
Withdrew due to injury and weather.

Joannah Michaels of Asheville and Renee Bailey in the Women's Doubles 4.5 50+

Joannah and Renee win the bronze medal. Congratulations!

Dee Ezrol of Xcel and Lloyd Ford in the Women's Doubles 4.0 50+

Dee and Lloyd win the gold medal. Congratulations!

Lucia Delchamps of Brevard and Teri Siewert of Waynseville in the Women's Doubles 3.5 50+

Lucia and Teri win the silver medal. Congratulations!

Rick Ezrol of Xcel in the Men's Singles 4.5 50+
Results unknown

Dee Ezrol of Xcel in the Women's Singles 3.5 50+
Results unknown

Well done all!

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