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Friday, August 19, 2016

Special USAPA Newsletter Promotion

From North Carolina Pickleball:

I hear from time to time “why do I need to join the USAPA?” – It would take quite some time to enumerate all the reasons so I will just list a few. If there were no USAPA then the following would be gone – 1. USAPA Web page 2. Places to Play 3. Ambassador Program 4. Tournaments 4. Referee training 5. Liability insurance for tournament directors 6. Rules development 7. Newsletter 8. Grant programs 

Below are some features from the USAPA August Newsletter….Join the USAPA at

Places to Play top visited page on

PLACES TO PLAY continues to be one of the top “clicks” on the USAPA Web Site. That is why Earl Hill, USAPA Ambassador Assistant Director is looking at solutions to keep the site current. Presently, volunteers and ambassadors are responsible to verify that the information contained within the site are both complete and accurate. The USAPA is requesting that all contributors to the site take a few minutes to update any “stale” information. Looking forward, we are looking at updating the program to make searches much easier. As example, one possibility is to have a search by city, town or zip code. Upon entering this data, all pickleball venues within a specified radius, say 40 miles, would be displayed. If you have ideas on how to improve this service, please drop us an email to

USAPA broadens outreach programs

The public launch for the new USAPA Juniors program “Pickleball for All” was featured in the June/July edition of Pickleball Magazine. A blue ribbon committee is currently being organized featuring a cross section of pros, ambassadors, kids and our commercial sponsors.

The committee is a work in progress and currently has the following members; USAPA Florida District Ambassador Jim Ludwig, Kyle Yates - 2016 U.S. Open Men’s Doubles Pro Champion, 3-Time 19+ National Champion, Sarah Ansboury - 2016 U.S. Open Women’s Doubles Pro, 2015 Nationals Open Doubles Gold, Stephanie Lane - 2015 Nationals Mixed Doubles 19+ Champion, Josh and Rodney Grubbs - Pickleball Rocks, LeEllen Lane (14) - Gold Medal 19+ at the USAPA Regional at Mobile, Alabama, Kyle Klein - USAPA Ambassador, Christine Barksdale - USAPA Managing Director of Competition, the Hastings Family, Allison, Doug, McKenna, Kendall and Bob Nibarger - USAPA Communications Chair.

As you will notice, kids are a very active part of the committee, and represent approximately 1/3 of the committee’s membership. Preliminary organizational steps included forming the committee, establishing goals and objective and working on marketing tools. For example, a USAPA Juniors Web page is currently being developed. Just announced yesterday was their own personal e-mail address. We're encouraging all ambassadors and supporters to send their ideas and suggestions to on how to grow and expand this program. Stay tuned for more information...

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