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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Offbeat Sunday: How to Pick up Balls

I used to play tennis long before I discovered pickleball. Other than some basic racquet skills, I didn't bring much of my tennis game with me when I switched sports. But one thing I would like to learn is an easy way to pick up balls and tennis might have an answer.

Tennis players don't like to pick up balls. Instead, they get creative in developing methods to get them from the court into their hands. A tricky technique is to use the springiness of the tennis ball to the player's advantage and bounce it up.

Of course, neither a pickleball nor a paddle have the same bounce as tennis equipment so that method is ruled out. But maybe a another method that uses the racquet and feet will work. Let's see it work in tennis.

Even though the paddle is much shorter than a racquet, this method works as shown in a Jeff Napier video called The Easy Way to Pickup a Pickleball.

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