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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pickleball Summit - Indianapolis

Back in April, I wrote about a great opportunity to play with and be coached by some of the top players in the game at a Pickleball Summit in Charlotte. Several local players attended and the reviews of the experience were outstanding. For those who missed that event or those who want to repeat the experience, opportunity knocks again with a second Pickleball Summit - this time in Indianapolis in October. Click on the icon below to go to the website. The overview is shown below the icon.

Imagine The Perfect Pickleball Day...

You start with a little open play to get the blood pumping, shots humming, and the banter flowing with pickleball players from around the country.

Then, step onto the court with National Champion Matthew Blom, giving you inside
secrets, personalized feedback, and a champion's insights into your game.  His “Inner Game of Pickleball” approach is guaranteed to help you play at your peak.

Who's sharing the court with you next? National Women's and Mixed Champion Gigi LeMaster, who brings something to the game almost no other top player does. She’s been where you are. Climbing up the ranks from 3.0 to 3.5 to 4.0 to the top of the pickleball mountain, she’s put years of dedicated attention, study, and a sharp, focused mind to learning what it takes to be the best even when not coming from another racket sport. She’ll meet you where you’re at, and take you to the next level.

Now, hit the courts with your fellow skill based group AND the pros to implement and get live feedback on your game and the skills you just acquired. Or, get a private group or one on one lesson with one of the Pros (these fill up fast).

Sound awesome so far? We haven’t even hit lunch yet here at the Pickleball Summit.

We hope you’re not bored of National Champions yet, because next you’re on court with multiple time National Champion Brian Staub. Growing up around a tennis academy and playing exhibition games with Rod Laver in his youth (one of the greatest tennis players of all time), does something for your game. It gives you some of the most picture perfect form, rock solid consistency, and a court sense that money can’t buy. But it can be taught. And that’s exactly what Brian will breakdown and do for your game. Dinks, drops, forehands, backhands, there’s almost no one better to see where you’re at, and show you what will take you higher. Also, given he plays in senior events, he brings an understanding to what you need to keep playing this sport at your best for years to come.

Then, enjoy lunch with easy, on-site choices, and hang out with your new pickleball friends,
and get back out whenever you're ready for open play until your early afternoon session with...

Tournament of Champions Gold Medalist Robert Elliot -- one of the most well rounded and savvy players on the tour -- who'll teach you what lands him on the podium in just about every tournament he enters. Consistency, power (like, a lot), finesse, and when, how, and why to hit each of these shots is what you’ll walk away with in your arsenal from this pickleball great.

Then, like a good meal, take these learnings out on court to digest and integrate with fun, engaged skill-level play, so you can lock in your new abilities.

Next, by far the better looking of the Elliot pair, is Jodi Elliot. Between Jodi and Robert there may not be a pair that has put more time and sweat out on the court in learning and perfecting drills, practice routines, and getting the sharpness of shots and mind that have taken Jodi from a reserved, tentative player to a beast that has risen her to the top of the women’s game. Again, she’s been where you’re at, and can guide you with her compassion, insight, *bling*, and personal experience to help you take your next steps—or if you’re ready like she was, to start running towards your pickleball greatness.

You'll recognize your next pro from his incredible series of YouTube videos, Third Shot Sports founder Mark Renneson. Clearly a born coach, his understanding of the game, and his patience and clarity in teaching make him one of the best instructors in North America.  Being a great player doesn’t necessarily make you a great coach, and vice versa. In Mark, you’ll get both. He brings a fun, humor rich approach that makes learning delightful, and your shots outstanding.

Now it's open play with the other crazy participants, who'll dink, drop, lob and smash with you 'til the cows come home. And, if you choose, go even deeper with a private, personalized lesson with any of the 6 pros (most every pro sold out on these sessions last Summit, so if your hunger is there, book them now).

After all that, take in a great meal and relax at one of the many great restaurants in the Indianapolis area. Review the day, and go out and have fun and laughs with your new friends from the summit. So many reported that getting to meet and mingle with fellow pickleballers was among many highlights at the last summit—new friends, great new partners for tournaments, and like a Pickleball Anonymous group, getting to be with others who share your addiction for this wonderful sport.

Lastly, make sure you get a good night’s rest.

Because that’s just Day One... and your ticket is good for THREE FULL DAYS.

Yes, it sounds like "Pickleball Heaven," but it's actually the PICKLEBALL SUMMIT. And this is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend!

October 14-16 • Indianapolis, IN

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