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Friday, July 29, 2016

Third Shot Drop = Winning

I posted several articles recently on drop shots. I've often said that drop shots are the most important shot in the game, while adding that they are also the most difficult. It is nice to see reinforcement of my advice from top players and such is the case with a recent Pickleball Channel video called Third Shot Drop Makes the Difference Between Winning and Losing.

When their opponents in the Mixed Doubles 45+ Gold Medal Match at the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships came back in the second game with a new fire, forcing the match into a third tie-breaker round, Dave Weinbach and Gigi LeMaster had to adjust their strategy. Hear their winning tip about what changed to give them the win and what shot they felt was the key to their success. Plus check out exciting footage of their dynamic game play!

My favorite part is when Dave Weinbach says "The most important shot in pickleball, really, is the third shot drop, and I don't think people practice it enough back at home. It isn't an easy drill to do, but if you can effectively hit a third shot drop in the kitchen, then your partner and you can get into the kitchen line where you have to be to play effective pickleball."

Good - and reaffirming - advice.

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