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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Dinking Strategy - Part 3

We have previously discussed advanced dinking strategies as presented by Joe Baker in his video called Doubles Pickleball Strategy 201 - Dinking Strategy. This post will pick up with a discussion of several individual shots that can help offensive or defensive execution.

Dinking Strategy - Part 2 ended with a discussion of well-disguised defensive lob. But disguising a shot is not limited to that situation. It is an important part of advanced net play.

Misdirection shots most often involve swinging the paddle in one direction while directing the ball in the other direction.

An example would be first forcing your opponent wide with a sideline shot. Wrong-footing your opponent would be hitting back to the same area as he scrambles to recovery his position by racing from the spot where he hit the first shot.

As we've discussed, crosscourt dinks are the predominant shot in the dinking phase. Even a slight mistake in direction or height presents an opportunity for the player directly in front of the opponent hitting the dink to poach and hit a winner.

We've discussed how important it is for you to form and maintain a wall to prevent middle shots from getting through. Positioning is rendered moot, though, if no one hits the ball down the middle. Ensure that a play is made by going for the ball. The only time to not do so is when you are certain your partner will make the play. There is normally no time for communication and two paddles on the ball are better than none.

Sooner or later, someone will make a mistake and hit a shot too high. You must be ready to take advantage of such a mistake and know where to hit the ball. But that is not a topic for a post about dinking strategies. Go to the post on the fast game Six Rules of the Fast Game - Part 1.

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