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Saturday, May 28, 2016

New Player Ratings System

There has been a lot of talk among USAPA ambassadors about a potential new player ratings system. Players are currently rated using a number system starting at 2.0 and rising in 0.5 increments to 5.0. Many clubs have rating evaluations to assign appropriate levels while other players self-rate. The reality of rating accuracy becomes apparent when players enter tournaments against experienced opponents.

The lack of transparency and consistency across regions as well as little differentiation between players at the same level has led to several proposals to develop a new system. This post highlights a system that can be found at They have over 13,000 players rated on a scale from 0-3,000 based on performance as reported through their system uses an algorithm based on wins and losses against other players as rated in their system.

The current system uses tournament results but will be adaptable to club level ratings. It remains in Beta testing and is not yet ready for prime time. The USAPA will need to approve whatever system is used, especially for sanctioned tournaments. Therefore, any discussion at this time is purely for entertainment. With that in mind, I thought it might e interesting to see how local players ranked. Remember that rankings are available only for those playing in a tournament using as its records management. In my case, that would only be the Low Country tournament. The ratings are shown below.

Mixed Doubles
Coletta Paul Doubles Mixed 2382
Marott Valerie Doubles Mixed 2018
Carr Rusty Doubles Mixed 2000
Flynt Suz Doubles Mixed 2000
Allen Chris Doubles Mixed 2000
Luedke Dennis Doubles Mixed 1993
Splain Melinda Doubles Mixed 1993
Ezrol Rick Doubles Mixed 1975
Carr Inga Doubles Mixed 1964
Richter Deb Doubles Mixed 1956
Aaron Paul Doubles Mixed 1797
Kemp Mamashred Doubles Mixed 1789
Pell Suzanne Doubles Mixed 1769
Formichella Larry Doubles Mixed 1754
Flynt Susan Doubles Mixed 1750
Francioni Sandro Doubles Mixed 1700
Ezrol Dee Doubles Mixed 1589
Watkins Kathleen Doubles Mixed 1500
Watkins Robert Doubles Mixed 1500
Aaron Susan Doubles Mixed 1302
Francioni Lorraine Doubles Mixed 1205

Women's Doubles
Carr Inga Doubles Womens 2091
Marott Valerie Doubles Womens 2068
Flynt Suz Doubles Womens 2034
Splain Melinda Doubles Womens 1958
Richter Deb Doubles Womens 1946
Kemp Jennifer Doubles Womens 1825
Watkins Kathleen Doubles Womens 1825
Kemp Mamashred Doubles Womens 1784
Pell Suzanne Doubles Womens 1757
Ezrol Dee Doubles Womens 1753
Aaron Susan Doubles Womens 1255
Francioni Lorraine Doubles Womens 1255

Men's Doubles
Coletta Paul Doubles Mens 2487
Carr Rusty Doubles Mens 2000
Allen Chris Doubles Mens 2000
Luedke Dennis Doubles Mens 2000
Ezrol Rick Doubles Mens 1969
Birdsall Bruce Doubles Mens 1932
Aaron Paul Doubles Mens 1750
Ferragina Rich Doubles Mens 1750
Formichella Larry Doubles Mens 1716
Watkins Robert Doubles Mens 1500

I would be interested in hearing impressions of these rankings.

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