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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Georgia Mountain Spring Pickleball Classic Photos

The Georgia Mountain Spring Pickleball Classic was completed on Sunday. 

Lots of western North Carolina players were participants. I will have several posts on the tournament during the week but today's post is a selection of photos of our local players and some well-known pickleball personalities. I tried to get everyone but missed several who were either my teammates (Suzanne Pell and Sandro Francioni) or playing at the same time (Beth Corn).


Dee and Rick Ezrol of Crosswalk

Suzie Flynt of Brevard and Crosswalk

Lucia Delchamps of Brevard
Deb Richter of Crosswalk and Connestee

Brenda Birdsall and Yira Pia Sanchez of Crosswalk

David Kelly of Crosswalk

Bruce Birdsall and Rick Ezrol of Crosswalk

Bruce Birdsall of Crosswalk

Rick Ezrol of Crosswalk

Deb Harrison

Marsha Freso and Russell Elefterion

Dee Ahern nd Byron Freso

Dee Ahern and Deb Harrison

Denise Boutin and Marsha Freso

Suzanne Pell and Paul Aaron of Crosswalk

Paul Aaron and Sandro Francioni of Crosswalk and Cummings Cove

I don't have any official results yet but I hear that the local contingent did very well. The unofficial tally includes:

Deb Richter won a gold and silver.
Beth Corn won 2 bronzes.
Suzanne Pell won a silver and bronze.
Bruce Birdsall won a bronze.
Rick Ezrol won a bronze.
Sandro Francioni won a silver.
Paul Aaron won 2 silvers.

My apologies if this is wrong or if anything was missed. I will post the official results when available.

I also heard that Rick Ezrol and Bruce Birdsall beat the team of Byron Freso and Tom Early. Byron and Tom are both 5.0 players. I am impressed with this win by Rick and Bruce but, at the same time, not surprised. I know how good these guys are.

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  1. Thanks for sharing photos. Wish I could have been there. Congrats everyone!!!