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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rules Quiz - Net

1. Jimmy has an extremely hard serve but can be very erratic. Jimmy knows that John, the opponent to whom he is serving, has a poor backhand and aims his serve down the middle toward his backhand. Unfortunately for Jimmy, his serve hits the top of the net and veers hard right. The unexpected turn surprises Margy, John's partner, and hits her head. Jimmy jumps up in joy claiming to win the point because an opponent was hit with the serve. John argues that Jimmy lost the serve because it didn't land in the service court. Who is right?


2. Jimmy has a very powerful overhead smash. His opponent, John, tries a lob return over Jimmy but is well short. Jimmy lines it up and smashes a winner between Margy and John. But Jimmy's powerful swing causes his tennis elbow strap to break. It flies away and becomes entangled in the net. John sees the strap and claims the point. Jimmy protests and says the strap had no impact on the play.  Who is right?


3. Margy hits a great dink crosscourt forcing Jenny to go outside the net post to make a return. She barely gets to the ball before it hits the court and only hits his return about 6 inches high into to John, who hits the ball into the net. Jenny is pretty excited that she made a fantastic shot...until Margy says they won the point because Jenny's shot did not go over the net. Was Margy right?

See tomorrow's post for answers.

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