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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Answers to Rules Quiz - More Net

1. Jimmy has an extremely powerful ground stroke. In the middle of an intense match with John and Margy, Jimmy slams a ground stroke but hits it way too low. Amazingly, Jimmy's ball hits the metal horizontal bar at just the right angle to pop the ball up and over the net. John and Margy, having relaxed after seeing the low shot, were unable to recover to return the ball. Jimmy jumps up in joy claiming to win the point because the ball crossed over the net without hitting the ground. Jimmy knew a ball that hit the net and went over was good and he considered the bar to be part of the net. John and Margy were incredulous and couldn't believe such a poor shot could be rewarded. They disagreed with Jimmy and claimed they won the rally. Who is right?

Answer: John and Margy are right. Jimmy's shot is a fault.

Rule 12.J.5 When net systems have a horizontal bar that may include a center base: If the ball hits the horizontal bar or the center base before going over the net, it is a fault..


2. Jimmy is an adequate dinker but tends to hit the ball low. He often hits it into the net or clips the top of he net. Jimmy hits a typical dink toward John that hits the top of the net right above the center net post. After sitting on top of the net for a seeming eternity, it trickles over the net. John has plenty of time to react and is approaching the area where the ball will land when it suddenly shoots away from him after hitting the corner of the center base. Jimmy is ecstatic at his great dink and lets out a loud "Whoop" while claiming the point. John first ponders his bad luck and then realizes that something doesn't seem right so he protests, saying the point is his because the ball was interfered with. Who is right?

Answer: Neither is right.  It is a let and should be replayed.

Rule 12.J.5 - When net systems have a horizontal bar that may include a center base: If the ball goes over the net and then hits the center base, it is a let and must be replayed.


3. Jimmy not only hits the ball hard, he also can spin it like crazy. But he gives the shot away with his exaggerated swing. Jimmy serves and John returns the ball to Jimmy, who proceeds to hit a third-shot drop toward Margy. The drop shot has severe backspin imparted by Jimmy's long high-to-low swing. Margy anticipates the spin and moves forward into the kitchen and waits for the ball to bounce. While Margy knew the spin would not allow the ball to bounce forward, she was surprised when the ball bounced backwards over the net to Jimmy's court. All she could do was meekly tap the ball while struggling to avoid touching the net. Jimmy was elated since he thought Margy faulted when she crossed the net. Was Jimmy right?

Answer:  No, Margy won the point.

Rule 12.J.3. - Shots Around the Net PostIf the ball bounces into a player’s non-volley zone with enough backspin as to cause it to return back over the net, that player may reach over the net to hit the ball but may not touch the net. The player is also allowed to go around the net post and cross the imaginary extension of the net so long as he or she does not touch the opponent’s court.

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